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Cheaper money transfers to Poland

A changing environment
Polish nationals in the UK who work hard at saving often want to send money home to family or to support savings and investments. Many use banks or services such as Western Union or MoneyGram to send money abroad, and are not fully aware of the growth in alternative services available for international money transfers. These alternative providers are able to offer cheaper, quicker and more convenient services because they specialise in this service. Studying all the services on offer to consumers, comparison websites (such as for example) can provide you with independent information about these services and highlight and compare their benefits.

Alternatives to the banks
Individuals may need to transfer money overseas to family and friends or for payments such as rent or deposits for holidays, property maintenance fees and service charges. Looking at the options on offer, it is possible to find a money transfer service that best suits your needs. Sending money via online money transfer specialists can be a great way to save money. Not only do you pay much lower fees than with banks, you can also get faster transfers and better customer service from these expert companies. All reputable companies will be authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) – which helps give you peace of mind that your money is secure.

GlobalWebPay, a great value online alternative
One such company is GlobalWebPay who operate a convenient 24/7 online international transfer service. They send Zloty to Polish bank accounts using their local bank accounts in Poland. They also have a dedicated and knowledgeable service team who can support you if you have any questions.

A convenient service for Polish people
Registration is simple and free and your account is live and ready to use in minutes. You can check out transfer costs on the Home Page Calculator – it offers total transparency of all costs, with no need to make phone calls, send emails or visit an office.
To set up payment you will need to enter the recipient's bank details. Simply enter the amount you wish to send in GBP, or the amount you wish the recipient to receive in Zloty. The exchange rate and the exact amount the beneficiary will receive are instantly displayed.

Key features of the service
(1) £4.75 fixed fee per transaction for any size - No hidden fees at either end – save £4 to £20 on a transaction when compared to Banks!
2.       (2) Competitive exchange rates – again better than banks
3.       (3) Fund using debit card (up to £75) or bank transfer for larger amounts.
4.      (4) The service is fast to Poland – if your funds arrive by 12:00 midday, transfers to Poland arrive on the same day

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