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The Long Road to Freedom: Poland 1940

1940 was a year of some of the greatest heroic achievements of the Poles and of some of the greatest tragedies that were to strike at the heart of the Polish nation. It was the year when Poland functioned as a state without a state, a year when Poland suffered her fourth partition by Nazi and Soviet forces, a year when her citizens endured forcible deportations and executions, while others were scattered to all winds and still others undertook perilous journeys to join the newly reconvened Polish Army first on French and later on British soil. It was the year of Anglo Polish heroism in the skies and on the seas....#

This commemorative exhibition invites the passerby to discover and follow the different paths taken by Poles in that extraordinary of years 1940 For these Poles were driven by their firm belief at the time that they would be able to celebrate Christmas of 1940 back in Poland with their loved ones. Revisit the very warm and strong ties between the Polish government in exile and the British government and witness the renewal of old historical bonds which have united the Poles and the Scottish nation across the centuries.

POSK Gallery : 6 - 21 January, 10am - 9pm
238 - 246 King Street
London W6 0RF

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