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Formed in Autumn 2005, Poland Street shared a perception of a surprising lack of representation of a young Polish migrant community on all levels of British civil society. Despite relative new status, post-accession Polish migrants managed to create some social space around them; thus media, music, culture, and business – all are there. Except for one thing. A modern and forward-looking organisation that wants to play an active part in the social and civil jigsaw on the Isles.

Therefore, in order to be effective Poland Street was established as a new association avoiding the language of exclusion and particularism. Wherever it will concern human rights, employment rights, all aspects of welfare, remuneration, voting, and cultural relations – PolandStreet is the voice of the young generation of Poles, who by their thousands have flocked to the UK in search for better life. We believe we represent their feelings and thoughts – both about a pleasure to be in Great Britain and also strong attachment to our homes in Poland.

But in this today’s world where cultural differences can be an excuse to create inequalities, injustices and exclusion, we do not want to forge a classical ethnic group organization. It is a civil one that aims at bridging and reaching out. In our program we wish to actively engage in strengthening what this society has achieved on an unprecedented level, that is diversity. We aim at reaching out to other cultures and ethnic groups in London in a strong belief that knowledge of each other is the key to a just and stable multicultural society. Poles know a lot about cultural pluralism Poles know a lot about cultural pluralism. It has been the lifeblood of our history – unfortunately it has been taken away from us and we believe that there is something we may learn but also teach others. Therefore, our activities have a strong accent on intercultural communication, integration and getting to know each other.


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