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Poland has more than 5,400 press titles including national and regional dailies (167), weeklies (827), monthly magazines (2,401), and specialized press. The 2006 data on the readership rates show that 90 per cent of Poles read the written press, 78 per cent declare reading dailies, 68 per cent - weeklies, and 41 per cent - monthly magazines. Recent statistics show a gradual decline in sales of national dailies (except Gazeta Wyborcza), regional dailies, and opinion weeklies.

Press market is dominated by foreign, mostly German owners such as H. Bauer (operating in Poland as Wydawnictwo H. Bauer LTD.), Verlagsgruppe Passau (Polskapresse), and Axel Springer (Axel Springer Polska LTD.) Another important foreign publisher is Norwegian Orkla Press (Presspublica). The only big domestic competitor is Agora S.A.

Gazeta Wyborcza, launched in 1989 and owned by Agora S.A., was the first totally independent newspaper in post-communist Poland. Gazeta Wyborcza had been the top Polish national daily with the highest circulations for over a decade until Fakt, owned by Axel Springer, recently took the lead.

There is an increased specialization of the magazine sector, yet the dominance of women and opinion magazines is continuing.


Following the fall of communism, the Polish audiovisual media sector has grown rapidly and led to the establishment of a public and private duopoly. There are 74 television channels and 235 radio stations in Poland.

The public broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP) S.A. - owned by the State Treasury - continues to dominate the market in terms of audience and advertising shares. There is a competition between two main commercial channels, which are Polsat with an audience share of 15.9 per cent and multi-regional TVN with 15.1 per cent. Other private terrestrial TV channels in Poland include two Roman Catholic channels: TV Trwam and TV Puls, and seven local channels. The audience share of each of these channels does not exceed 1 per cent.

The Polish public radio broadcaster - Polskie Radio (PR) S.A. owned by the State Treasury operates five national radio stations. It also runs 17 regional radio stations and Radio Polonia - targeting Poles abroad. Private radio include two leader nation-wide stations, Catholic radio station, three over-regional stations, and numerous local networks

Poland is the third biggest cable television market in Europe with approximately 4.5 million subscribers (Open Society Institute, 2005). The cable market is dominated by six operators with significant foreign capital.


There are two digital television satellite platforms. The government adopted a strategy for the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting via ‘digital islands’ until the complete analogue switch-off in 2014.

Launch of digital TV broadcasting will start in Warsaw (multiplex 1) and in five towns of Wielkopolska province (multiplex 2). The available frequencies will be allotted to applicant multiplex operators in a tender organized by the Office for Electronic Communication (UKE). The National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) will grant licenses to TV channels to broadcast within the multiplexes.


The major news agency is the public Polish Press Agency (PAP) owned by the State Treasury. The Catholic Information Agency (KAI), set up by the Polish Episcopate, specialises in gathering information for the Catholic press. There are also several smaller private information service providers.


The percentage of households with Internet access in Poland came to 30 per cent in 2005 comparing to 26 per cent in 2004.

Despite the growth in the percentage of households with Internet access, disproportions among different sectors of society persist. The majority of Polish households still use analogue modems. The most popular online media are Gazeta – online equivalent of top Polish daily and services by two commercial nation-wide radio stations.

Source: www.ejc.net

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