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Advertising in Poland

In 2009, the average cost of IT and radio advertising did not change as compared with the previous year. In 2009, the average (net) cost of TV advertising ranges from PLN 900 to 38,000 per 30 seconds of air time depending on the TV station and time when it is broadcast. Advertising is cheaper in the teletext service of various TV stations of nationwide and regional coverage. In channels one and two of TVP (public television) the cost of week-long advertising in teletext on the home page is PLN 30 to 200 depending on the industry.

Also press advertising is of major importance. The average price of advertisement in Polish press ranges from PLN 300 to 2,700 per 1 space module (PLN 10 to 60 per 1 cm2). The price depends on the size of the space occupied and also on which page the advertisement is to be placed, as well as on whether it is to be printed in colour or not.

Outdoor advertising is gaining on importance. Mobiling marketing, consisting in the sending of commercial information to mobile phones, is developing fast. However, under the Polish law potential recipient has to give prior consent to a receipt of such information.

As of April 2006 a Code of Ethics in Advertising has been in force in Poland. The Code is not a collection of official regulations, but an internal self-regulation of the industry, agreed upon by representatives of authors of advertisements, advertising agencies and mass media associated in the Union of Associations Advertising Board.

Source: Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research

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