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What Google thinks of Polish People?

I have been browsing through the www in order to find out what are the myths created around people from Poland. I didn't want to take a general approach to go through the forums, newspapers nor any particular content online. Instead, I wanted to see what key phrases do the people around the world search for in Google in referrence to the people from Poland. Unfortunately the results have not been very pleasing to me...

General search for "polish people" says it all. Google's results are expressing the opinions of everybody or could be considered only as a mistake and unemotional algorithm result of the Google search algorithm.

So what do people find when they look for "polish people"? The first results, a wikipedia result is genuinely explaining the history and roots of Poland and Polish People, the second result shows a link to Polish cultural heritage as explained by one of the Polish foundations. And then it starts...  The third and fourth results, and frankly the rest of the page is filled with very negative information about people from Poland. The form of it is very delicate as technically it is just a link to forums discussing who Polish people are, but the reality is that the most commonly used worse, the words that you immediately see are "How much do you hate Polish People?" or "Why everybody hates Polish People?". You can also find some references to blogs discussing why are People so stupid, etc.

Ok, see let's see what do people search for, when they look for information about Polish People, what are the exact phrases they use. On your right you can see what Google suggests as the most popular searches when looking for more information about Polish People. Why are poles considered stupid, rude, dumb, why do people made fund of us. Also, finally there are some positive, however very shallow stereotypes about us - beaufitul women, hot girls.

This is what Google says about us, but are we really like that? What are we doing to change our image in the world? I won't even try to answer this question, but I certainly know that Poland has some search engine reputation problems and should think how to react to those.

Written by:
  Adam Palczewski (SEO and Search Engine Reputation Expert)

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