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POLSKA! YEAR comprises over 200 projects presenting the most interesting achievements of Polish culture and showcasing works of the most outstanding Polish artists to the British public. We will exhibit extraordinary pieces from Polish museum collections and works of young contemporary artists and designers, hold concerts with Polish performers, and concerts of Polish music performed by British bands and soloists. We plan theatrical performances, reviews of Polish dramatic productions and the promotion of Polish literature at selected British literary festivals. We invite you to the galleries, theatres, concert halls and cinemas of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Norwich, Liverpool, Oxford and dozen other cities in Great Britain

POLSKA! YEAR, to commence in spring 2009 and continue through 2010, is a joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme of POLSKA! YEAR covers cultural events prepared in strict cooperation with British partners. The purpose of the Year is to bring the communities of Poland and Great Britain closer by strengthening cultural relations and establishing new contacts between Polish and British artistic institutions, artists and organisers of cultural events.

The POLSKA! YEAR programme was developed in cooperation with Polish and British partners of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. It is the fruit of visits by over 150 curators, cultural managers, artists and journalists who came to Poland during the year and a half of preparations.
Thanks to these visits, they were able to see for themselves that Poland is a young and dynamic country; an important EU member. A contemporary country with rich tradition and culture, Poland, historically and civilisationally, has much more in common with Britain than is usually acknowledged on the basis of widespread opinions and stereotypes attributed to Poles. It was chiefly thanks to the contacts established during these visits that the programme of the Year was created. It will feature exhibitions of past and modern art, concerts of classical, jazz and contemporary music, reviews of feature films, documentaries and animation, theatrical performances, as well as conferences and seminars.

The cultural programme of POLSKA! YEAR is coordinated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, a government institution in charge of promoting Polish culture abroad and initiating international cooperation in the field of culture. The programme is organised together with the Polish Cultural Institute in London. POLSKA! YEAR draws on interdisciplinary projects promoting Poland abroad since 2000. Such projects have already been held in 24 countries all over the world including Austria, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, France, Russia, Germany, as well as India, China, Algeria and Morocco. The projects have encompassed over 2 500 000 concerts, exhibitions, film and theatrical performances seen by over 14 million viewers.

POLSKA! YEAR in the UK 2009-2010 takes place under the patronage of HM The Queen and HE The President of the Republic of Poland.

source: http://www.polskayear.pl

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