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Warsaw, a city with a population of nearly 2 million, is the country's largest university and research centre with an enormous and highly skilled workforce.

There are also 10,000 to 20,000 western managers, specialists working in the capital, deployed by consulting and development companies recognised world-wide, along with the hundreds of Western businesspeople visiting the city daily. Foreigners working here appreciate good working conditions and a favourable attitude of the people of Warsaw.

Poland's capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look. The city has become one big construction and renovation site. The office and commercial buildings commissioned in the recent years accommodate hundreds of business, research institutions, banks and international organisations. Scores of new ones are going up in Warsaw, and the demand for high-class office space is still enormous. Keys have been handed to nearly 20,000 new flats and luxury apartments.

The underground line is currently being extended, and the construction of waste treatment plant is in progress. Each year sees the opening of new hypermarkets and shopping centres. Industrial facilities in the automotive, electronics and food-processing sectors have been undergoing refurbishment.

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