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PPL was established in 2005 and since then we have attracted a number of highly educated and skilled Poles, who want to integrate both on personal and professional level with their peers. We are the voice of Polish professionals in London, enabling people of various professions to meet and build long-lasting personal and business networks. We are open to all professionals who share similar aspirations and who are keen to participate in building this unique community. We believe in synergy, professionalism and personal commitment.
We are proud that our organisation contributes to development of our members and has a positive impact on the Polish community in the UK. As we grow the scope of our activities and foster relationships with various communities, we envisage even more benefits and opportunities for our members in the future.

The most important activity organized and promoted by PPL so far was the "Poles to polls"™ campaign launched in the spring of 2008. The aim was to approach the Polish community in the UK and encourage its members to register to vote in the local elections. We proved that we can be a reliable and credible partner in any discussions concerning the future of the regions we live in.

One of our most important projects was also "the Campaign for historical truth",initially directed to editorial team of The Times as a response to several unfair and negative articles that accused Poles of active involvement in the Holocaust. Our petition has been signed so far by over 1600 concerned people, mainly from Poland but also, amongst other places, from Australia, USA and South America. The petition, along with a history book about "Forgotten holocaust" was handed to The Times' editorial office in August 2008. We are pleased that further notice has been taken and more actions such as meetings and conferences regarding above subject are taking place (including "Salon Polityki" discussion panel on 15 November 2008 co-organized with POLITYKA magazine).

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