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Maria Kaleta in POSK

Event: Maria Kaleta's paintings: "Beyond here"

Date: 06.12.2009 - 18.12.2009

Location: POSK

is a painter and graphic designer, with a clear flair for the abstract and the colour that can be found in the works of traditional Polish artists, such as Jacek Malczewski or Tadeusz Brzozowski, as well as the more modern world-famous artists Francis Bacon and Mark Rothko. As a student of Poznan Art Academy she worked with an alternative theatre group ‘Teatr Osmego Dnia’ (‘Theatre of the Eight Day’) and she took part in one of their spectacles, 'Raport z Oblezonego Miasta' ('A report from the besieged city') in Warsaw in 1983. Between 1983 and 1988 she also had links with the informal cultural activists' groups (later established as Borderland Foundation, Theatre Wegajty and Frontier Music Foundation) taking part in expeditions to southern and eastern borderlands of Poland.

Maria is a Committee member of the Association of the Polish Artists in Great Britain.

She has exhibited in Poland, England, Italy and France.

Her portfolio includes painting, drawing, pastels, traditional printmaking and computer graphics; she is also involved in a desk top publishing.

Source: POSK

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